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Send your company’s best season’s wants with classic, custom Business Holiday Cards and Corporate Holiday Cards. The Only to Impress line of Business Holiday Cards can not only help your business leave a lasting impression with customers but also with colleagues and friends. With or without photos, our Corporate Holiday Cards and Business Holiday Cards can be customized to your specifications and provide a timeless and traditional way to spread good cheer and the joy of the growing season.

Our hemisphere needs architects to keep things entire, to distinguish east and west while acknowledging the best of both, much as the Olympics have. To keep globalization from creating an indistinguishable world. To provide order but character and satisfaction of place also. Reason 63: Architects turn to the beyond. Beyond the immediate problem.

Beyond the immediate issue at hand. Beyond their immediate environment – to look at the influences of what they’re creating on the world beyond. The universe needs architects…to explore how to inhabit other placesbeyond our world. Reason 64: Architects touch so many walks of life. The global world needs architects – the earth, our country and continent needs architects to address national issues.

Our region needs architects – to stand for what distinguishes one locale from another, to make certain that our work belongs to specific place and time, so that people might place ourselves in it. Our state needs architects, our cities needs architects, and our suburbs especially. Reason 65: Architects save lives. And not only hospital design architects. “Architecture can save lives”- Newsweek.

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Just take a look at what we should are accomplishing in Haiti. Producing casing buildings for disadvantaged and displaced populations, rethinking humanitarian assistance and seeking innovative answers to contemporary housing crises. Concentrating on devastation relief and affordable and inexpensive design solutions. Reason 66: Architects work at making more powerful communities. Our community needs architects. Our neighborhoods and our familiesneed architects even. Reason 67: Architects are as diverse an organization as those they design for. Some will try to let you know that architects have a variety problem. Your investment stereotype – it doesn’t can be found.

Architects themselves are a diverse number making them especially effective at designing for variety. We champ the values of diversity in a lovely way – beliefs essential to creating livable metropolitan areas and housing. Reason 68: Architects give good design. Architects, some may feel, are an extravagance. So whether it is. But architects, as perpetuators and purveyors of good design, are truly needed. Good design is not just a luxury, but a necessity. Reason 69: Architects have respect for days gone by, perform in the present and aspire to have their work help create the near future. Architects work attempts to represent the time where they build – which for us, today, represents turmoil.

As Frank Stella said: Architecture can’t fully stand for the chaos and turmoil that are area of the human personality, nevertheless, you need to place a few of that turmoil in to the structures, or it isn’t real. For many architects it isn’t enough that their work signifies a specific time and place – they make an effort to have it participate in both their time and all time. It matters because our work won’t look dated and have a feeling of inevitability and permanence, not leave an individual with a feeling o f otherwiseness.

As another Frank has said (Gehry): Architecture should talk about its time and place, but yearn for timelessness. Reason 70: Architects are gifted. Not just a wrapped keepsake voluntarily transferred by one person to some other without settlement but a significant capacity, talent, or endowment. Whether created with talent or obtained along the way, architects are made, not delivered. We owe their many presents with their professors, teachers and coaches along the real way. Everything they need to know they learned in school. Reason 71: Architect’s work is something special. Regardless of how much they may be paid – or if they are paid at all – what architects leave behind outlasts them.

More time is always placed into a project’s design and making than our charge could cover. Reason 72: Architects give it away. Architects worldwide regularly provide pro-bono services to neighborhoods which have survived war, federal government oppression and natural disasters. It’s also an antidote to apathy. Reason 73: Architects create nations and destinations. Architects gave the global world the Roman Coliseum, Sagrada Familia, Fallingwater, Guggenheim and Pantheon Museum to name but five.