The Journey Of Learning

Well I can hardly believe we’ve reached the finish of August and summertime vacations and activities are slowing for the majority of us. Time to get the rhythm and get into some routines for most folks now back again. To work Back, school, the gym, studies and things that rounded make our lives go.

I hope you appreciated your summer time and were able to either escape for a holiday or at least take part in some fun activities. My husband and I enjoyed our trip to Seattle, love the Pike Market and everything the cool shops around there. Sitting along the harbour and viewing the motorboats while we loved coffees and special French pastries was awesome!

Loved the Seattle Woodland Zoo, got some very nice pictures of all the pets, you’ll see some turning up on products in my shop. Also got some very nice shots at a Botanical Garden in Portland Oregon at a holiday resort we remained at. We kayaked 3 x come early july too, once on a river in Portland, Oregon and on the ocean in Vancouver and the island double. Almost had a harbour seal land on my lap in the kayak too, a little scary but added to the adventure certainly! So now it’s time for you to make contact with focusing on my store, Designs by Shell. Creating services and working on some marketing. Time to reconnect with my business network and keep things moving along. I also found this great site which i started using which allows me to add my products to obtain additional visibility and possibly catch the attention of more customers. I’ll share this at length in my next blog!

There are three ways when a business calculate their efficiency, that are; debtors payment period, creditors payment period and the rate of stock turnover. The debtors payment period looks at how quickly it takes for the business o pay back its debts and it is expressed utilizing a number of days.

The business will try to reduce the number of days, if they have cash flow problems. The number of days will be different for each business, because it depends upon the type of the debt looked after depends on the way the business will offer with it. The business can also get other businesses to buy their obligations off them, which is a way of earning money.

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The lenders payment period shows how long it requires the business to repay their suppliers for goods they have brought using credit. This is an expression in terms of number of days. The business will try to lengthen the amount of times if they have cash flow problems. The speed of stock turnover shows how quickly it takes the business to sell its stock. In addition, it measures how long it is held by the business.

This is an expression in terms of variety of days. Although, the businesses will try to not keep carefully the stock for an extended period of time, because this could indicate the stock may walk out time. Within this assignment I will be analysing the cash flow issues that a business might experience. If you are constructing and making a cashflow forecast, many problem could occur that could affect the money flow forecast. One problem that could occur is that the business struggles to pay creditors the amount of money they owe them promptly.