Will Price: 05/01/2019

Today, he called to update me on the process and also to run some key terms and issues passed me. In listening to the process to date, one key concern out stood. The existing and future board members had to talk yet, either by phone or, better yet, personally. The negotiation, furthermore, is taking place via redline markups delivered over email. In many cases, electronic communication is a huge productivity boost and an enabler of business and progress. In getting to much, however, It really is found by me can be difficult.

Rather than send email – which is a horrible medium for conveying objective, logic, context, build – I recommend speaking personally. The social connections built from human contact and dialogue provide the context, trust, body gestures, tone, and other important “social greases” that foster understanding, collaboration, and common ground. In conclusion, important business relationships benefit hugely from in-person discussion. Second, deals feel “better” when the key issues are reviewed over coffee rather than over the redlined document delivered by a contact server.

The product of competitve/business intelligence initiatives can, and is often, applied in the protective or offensive setting. Simply stated, the product may be used to (a.) undermine, (b.) erode, (c.) stifle, and/or normally (d.) maneuver ahead of a rivals’ initiatives, competitive advantages, market position, or tactical planning. The first is to totally understand and identify each intangible asset and its own contributory value.

’s value, sources of revenue, and blocks for sustainability and growth. The second is recognizing that competitive advantages are intangible assets, and it’s those assets which are actually being targeted for analysis and understanding. True, some companies actually install well intended initiatives to try to counter and/or mitigate the effects of prolonged competitive intelligence. On numerous occasions though, I have already been the recipient of arrogantly phrased and dismissive statements from management associates who readily acknowledge the difficulties of operating in today’s more and more competitive and globally predatorial business (deal) environment. 2. Competitor/business intelligence (and data mining) procedures are not aimed solely to the Fortune 1000? So, from a fiduciary responsibility perspective such rationales resemble permissive overlook, in my own view.

Cheers everyone–here’s to a difficult week at the job! Let’s drop by the bar and grab a couple of beverages to get the weekend started off right. We do our best this week, whether that was putting your signature on a big sales contract, dealing with unseasonably warm weather in the vineyards, bottling the first round of wines or concluding our tax returns.

It is time to celebrate the start of the weekend. And we are so lucky to maintain the spirits and wines industry. We know what things to drink, we know where to get it and often we’ve co-workers and friends who will share in the celebration. This is the siren song quite, and I wouldn’t be here easily had not shared many a happy hour with co-workers, hosted clients to a wine dinner or participated in my own fair share of wine tastings. But that siren music can have a higher price, especially if it is paired with the siren of the cop car tugging you over on suspicion of driving under the influence. DUI: An Occupational Hazard?

I have heard plenty of people in your wine industry say that taking in and driving comes with the place; an occupational threat as they say. I’ve also fulfilled plenty of people who got one way too many, stepped behind the wheel and were left with a DUI. 40,000 because of the DUI.

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Not much to commemorate from then on happens. And sadly, I’ve also experienced relatives and buddies lose a loved one in a dui accident. Drunk driving laws have gotten stricter over time. According to MADD, the number of dui deaths has been cut in half since MADD was founded in 1980. We can all concur that reducing the dui death rate is really important, and stricter laws and regulations did that.

Now, for those of us who have acquired driving under the influence never, we might not know the high cost of getting one. It might not be important to you now, but believe me, if you get driving under the influence you will very come to realize the real cost from it quickly. First there is the actual monetary cost. 45,435. That is clearly a great deal. But there are long-term costs that aren’t considered that I think you need to know about. And they are in your career. Over the years I have spoken to many people who only learned all about the detrimental ramifications of a DUI to their career after they got the DUI.

Some people lose their jobs because they can not drive for work under the employer’s insurance. From Rising Star to Underemployed: One of the first tales I noticed was of a, aspiring distributor sales representatives who had been promoted to manage sales in a large metropolitan territory recently. This sales manager was the rising star and visited dinner with one of the business’s executives. After sampling some very nice wines, a night time cover enjoying a wonderful dinner and probably having, she drove off towards her new house in the suburbs. The global world was her oyster, and she was being lived by her dream of success.