“Here’s What YOU SHOULD KNOW About Michigan’s New Recreational Marijuana Rules”

Michigan is another step nearer to having recreational cannabis businesses. Wednesday Last, Michigan’s Marijuana Regulatory Agency released emergency regulations for businesses planning on entering the recreational weed retail marketplace. Below are a few tips that you should know about these regulations. So, may i now buy container? Retail sales are in sight, but months away still. Can I buy marijuana once businesses are approved?

If you are a licensed adult-use or medical cardholder, yes. Licensed businesses will allow adults 21 years and older to take weed and cannabis products on the premises. The sale of food or alcohol at those businesses will never be allowed. Additionally, adult-use home delivery will be a choice if you are at a designated consumption establishment or at any residence. Medical home delivery shall only be implemented to authorized cannabis cardholders.

Will I have the ability to buy pot in my own community? Cities and Townships have until November 1st of the yr to ban businesses. As reported on MLive, since November 2018 when Michigan voters thought we would legalize, more than 600 communities have passed a ban on adult-use marijuana businesses. You could already be living in a community with a ban, which might or might not be temporary, depending on how cities and townships interpret these new regulations.

What do the guidelines indicate for growers and micro-businesses? Both growers and micro-businesses may accept the transfer of marijuana seed products, tissue cultures, and clones from another grower licensed under the adult-use legislation or the medical weed law. If you’re a Class A grower or micro-business, you may acknowledge the transfer of weed plants onetime from a signed up primary caregiver as long as the caregiver was an applicant for that license.

What if I’m already licensed to sell medical marijuana but want to have an adult-use license? You can apply for an adult-use license. And yet better, the application will be expedited if there aren’t any apparent changes in possession. All adult-use applicants must submit a social equity plan. This will detail a strategy to promote and encourage involvement in the cannabis industry by folks from communities which have been disproportionately influenced by weed prohibition and enforcement and to positively impact those communities.

Are there benefits to having an adult-use permit over the medical permit? With an adult-use permit, it’s easier to start a recreational-use cannabis business than a medical weed business. You can find no capitalization requirements for adult-use licenses and fewer financial documents are requested from applicants. Additionally, the cost difference in licensing fees for recreational businesses is significantly lower of that for a medical businesses.

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