A Principal’s Reflections

The following is a guest publish by Michael Warren, a Social Studies Teacher at Hasbrouck Heights High school in NJ. Michael lately visited New Milford HS and reflected on hist visit under. You can comply with him on Twitter at @mrwarren29. Recently, I had the chance to go to New Milford Highschool in Bergen County, NJ and spent a few hours assembly and touring the school with Principal Eric Sheninger.

Like anyone who has adopted this rockstar principal on social media (and he is aware of he’s a rockstar despite his humble protests) there may be one thing taking place at NMHS. As an keen trainer and someone who is searching for a renewed sense of objective in a discipline that’s becoming mind-crushingly knowledge pushed, I expected to stroll away with the solutions to the large questions in schooling. That didn’t happen.

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Mr. Sheninger couldn’t present me with any of these solutions. Instead, he confirmed me one thing else. Something I found far more important and revealing of the kind of college he runs. For sure, I walked away with just a few pages of notes from my visit. I might listing an unimaginable amount of issues I noticed that day (BYOD for instance) but if you’re studying this blog than you probably already know what NMHS is up to. While most of us deal with a bureaucratic mess of redundancies with regards to developing instructional coverage, New Milford is bucking the pattern of reactive policies that come from a changing political panorama. It’s effectively on their solution to becoming a middle for true school and career readiness by doing simply the precise reverse.

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