A CDN (Content Distribution Network) is a type of service which acts as an intermediate between the web server in which your website is hosted, and the final user who surfs your website. CloudFlare is one of the most popular Content Delivery Networks just, but it isn’t only a CDN. It offers various pieces of services that may help you to get the most from your website, speed it up and make it more secure.

10/month) which will offer you also more options. However the free plan offers you a large amount of the CloudFlare features just. Where do you’d like to host your DNS records? The first service offered by CloudFlare is DNS Hosting: to use CloudFlare services, you will need to rely on their DNS server, but you can also enable the only DNS hosting without using any other service.

By doing this you are employing CloudFlare as your DNS service provider without allowing other services, even if I strongly reccomend to try all the powerful top features of CloudFlare! Hosting DNS on CloudFlare is a good idea since, in case you want to transfer your domain to some other registrar, you are able to just set nameservers without reuploading all your DNS records from a registrar to some other one.

Your information just stay in your CloudFlare accounts, when you need to set only the CloudFlare nameservers. Furthermore DNS service provided by CloudFlare is very fast! You can also set forwarding rules and general page rules in order to match URLs to other URLs (in the free edition you can set no more than 3 forwarding rules).

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Talking about page rules, you can arranged options to be able to minimize JavaScript content and other static content, to be able to increase loading velocity of your website. You almost certainly didn’t think that, but yes, with CloudFlare you get HTTPS expansion with a valid SSL certificate free of charge automatically! However encryption is guaranteed only between CloudFlare servers and guests: if you want also to encrypt data transferred between your server and CloudFlare servers, you will need also to purchase your own certificate as usual.

However if you just want to provide basic encryption with the SSL icon and HTTPS protocol, you can get all of this free of charge by using CloudFlare! CloudFlare also gives you to collect stats about traffic you obtain on your website, to enable you to just rely on this service, or you can also use Google Analytics in association. The stats include visits received to your website, information regarding these visits, and information about how much traffic have you saved by using CloudFlare service.