I Love The End Credits Especially

P.S. Is an awesome poster or what, it just provides movie an epic overtone, while displaying how dark and twisted the film continues to be. Disney, it’s a name kids know all too well. We all was raised with those excellent movies at a age group and every Disney film appears to be labeled a classic. Well, some are kept in mind more than other’s and through the 70’s and 80’s we received a great deal of Disney movies that are more and more forgotten.

The one Disney movie that gets snubbed more than any other animated basic is the 1985 motion picture Disney’s “The Black Cauldron”. Never heard of it, well then it’s time to give it mention. “Lloyd Alexander”. A couple of six Chronicles that started in 1964, I haven’t read them however they will need to have been interesting enough for Disney studios to produce a movie based from the series. This is Disney’s 25th theatrical cartoon feature film and one which I find to be rather underrated. While it’s never been labeled a classic, it has become a cult favorite, so it there has its supporters out.

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The storyline is nearly the same as “Lord of the Rings”, it’s all about a young youngster who’s burdened with a objective to demolish a weapon of terrible power, in the full case of the film, the dark Caldron. This weapon was forged in darkness and a dark lord desires to gain this Caldron to utilize it in a plot to dominate the kingdom. The main character is a young boy called Taren, an assistant pig keeper, who dreams of becoming something important, like a great warrior. Typical lead personality, I understand, and my feelings towed him are extremely mixed.

On the main one hand, I like how he’s not a perfect “good” character, in reality he’s selfish and a little arrogant, then he goes on a learning journey and becomes a better person in the end. I love how nobody really teaches him anything especially, he makes the change all on his own, that is an awesome concept that’s pulled off very well. However, his boasting about being a great hero can get really annoying at times, especially in the first fifty percent of the movie because he just never shuts up.

Despite being annoying at times, I do think it’s necessary for his personality development, by looking at him as a selfish jerk initially, it creates his personal realization at the final end even more powerful. Like any classic fantasy adventure, Taren makes some good friends along the journey, and they all become allies in his quest to destroy the Cauldron. Again, it’s nothing at all new but there’s something about this particular group that I really like, due to the fact there the entire reverse of other groupings like “The Fellowship of the ring”, from “Lord of the Rings”.

That group was specifically sent to destroy the band and was healthier to do so, that united team had a wizard, make, guide, and 4 experienced warriors. This is a united team of 4 strangers who’ve no experience of heading on a journey like this, are extremely vulnerable, and probably shouldn’t be doing anything like this. However, their growing situation is continually forcing them to be the ones to carry out this mission and I absolutely love that idea.