Your Gut Bacteria May Predict Your Obesity Risk

The findings, from an international team of researchers, also claim that a diet heavy in dietary fiber could change the makeup of these germs, possibly which makes it easier for people to shed pounds. Dusko Ehrlich, a co-author of the two new studies and coordinator of the International Human Microbiome Standards project. The study finds that “people who put on the most weight lack certain bacterial species or keep these things at suprisingly low levels. This starts ways to develop bacterial therapies to fight putting on weight,” he said. Experts believe the gut, where the physical body processes food, is vital to weight gain and weight loss. Jeffrey Cirillo, a professor at Texas A&M Health Science Center’s department of microbial pathogenesis and immunology.

A study released last March in the journal Science Translational Medicine recommended that gastric bypass surgery resulted in weight loss-in mice-because it transformed the makeup of the bacteria in their intestines. In another of the new studies, which are both published in the Aug. 29 problem of the journal Nature, researchers analyzed the gut bacterias of 169 obese Danish people and 123 Danish people who were not obese.

The gut germs in the obese individuals were less diverse than in others, and experienced more abnormalities in conditions of metabolism. Also, obese people with a less diverse supply of germs gained more weight. It’s not clear how the bacteria and obesity are related. However the research shows that the metabolisms of the bacteria themselves are connected to the entire metabolism in the humans their current address, Cirillo said.

The finding could also have a practical application, the analysts said. Ehrlich said. If they are, he said, diet changes may be necessary. In another study, researchers monitored gut bacteria as 49 overweight and obese people tried to lose weight with diets that were low-fat and low-calorie but high in protein plus fiber-rich foods like vegetables and fruits. The diet appeared to actually change the bacterial makeup in the guts of the participants.

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