How To Open SIT Or SITX File In Windows

StuffIt is a document compression program typically associated with Mac computers, but available for both Mac and Windows os’s, that outputs SIT or SITX files, depending on what version of the program you’re using. Because Windows users are more familiar with receiving files compressed in a ZIP package deal, receiving a SITX or SIT document can toss them for a loop. However, Smith Micro, the ongoing company who built the StuffIt program, makes a free StuffIt Expander for Windows program available that you can quickly install on your machine and use to extract the contents of SIT or SITX files seamlessly. The right time it takes to extract the file depends upon the size of the file.

Enter your first name, last e-mail and name in the specified areas beneath Download Free StuffIt Expander Here, then press the green “Download” button. Select either “StuffIt Expander 2011 Windows (32-little bit version)” or “StuffIt Expander 2011 Windows (64-bit version),” depending which type of Windows operating system you’re using. A lot of people use a 32-bit operating system, but you can check your operating system enter your computer’s System Properties windowpane.

Save the StuffIt Expander for Windows file to your personal computer and then set up the program on your pc. Open the Windows Start menu and then click “All Programs,” “Smith Micro,” “StuffIt Expander 2011” and then “StuffIt Expander 2011” one more time. The StuffIt Expander 2011 for Windows program opens. The program is a little package that says StuffIt Expander at the top and a box in the center of the program with what “Drag Files Here” above it.

Navigate to where the SIT or SITX file you will need to extract is located on your Windows computer. Position the SIT or SITX document so it’s posting the display with the StuffIt Expander program and you may see both the program and the document you want to extract. Click and drag the SIT or SITX document so it’s situated above the package icon in the StuffIt Expander program screen. Release the mouse button to drop the SIT or SITX file in to the program home window. The Browse for Folder dialog box appears. Click “Done” following the file is finished being extracted to your destination to open up the folder containing the extracted file or files.

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