JUST HOW Large Was The Shortfall?

And to comprehend what that means, we need to review the general timeline of the Fort McMurray fireplace, for reasons that will become apparent in short order excruciatingly. It was on May 1, 2016 (according to Wikipedia) that the Fort Mac fire started, at which time the Red Cross swung into action and started soliciting donations specifically for Fort Mac fire relief. Red Cross during the donation. May 31, 2016 — any donations made from then on time would, of course, be received by the Red Cross, however they wouldn’t normally be matched and tripled in value thus.

Note well how Indiegogo is absolutely adamant you do not get all of your collected money until around 15 business times (three weeks) following the formal end of the fundraiser. That would be Rebel Media’s Sheila Gunn Reid, bragging on, may 6 about having already taken in “140k”. 140K in donations, not just a single dime of which he could withdraw from his Indiegogo web page and transfer to the Red Cross in time to be matched up.

140K (and whatever will come in from then on). 280K in matching provincial and federal funds. May, ignoring all relevant questions concerning this on social mass media. Except that’s not quite what that tweet says, could it be? 162,476), but only “a” payment, which leaves one to wonder certainly, how much, which Ezra will not reveal.

Make sure you appreciate the importance of all of the. Every money received by the Red Cross by the coordinating deadline would have been matched up by both federal government and Alberta provincial government authorities, and thereby tripled in value. Consequently, every dollar collected that Ezra didn’t deliver by that deadline would not have been matched, and would be matched never. Whatever money was not handed over to the Red Cross by May 31 had no chance whatsoever to be matched later, meaning that every dollar of shortfall for the reason that transfer deprived the Red Cross of two dollars in matching funds.

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So how large was the shortfall? That is how much Ezra Levant cost the Red Cross by refusing to use the Red Cross’ donation infrastructure and setting up his own ego-driven Indiegogo web page. Not taken. Not skimmed. Not embezzled. Lost since it was not handed over with time Simply. 100,000 that could have gone to the Red Cross. That type or kind of money could have been useful. P.S. While this is a member of family aspect issue, it’s worthy of noting how Ezra’s attorney, in Oct of 2016 during questioning for breakthrough, tried to bullshit me on the subject of this matching completely.

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