Laneige BB Cushion Pore Control No 13 (True Beige) NO 14 (Pink Beige)

Iope Air Cushion Matte (in color M13), I made a decision to seek out my Laneige BB Cushion Pore Control and ponder the distinctions. And lastly post something about Pore Control, because I need to work through the backlog of cushion entries that are sitting down saved as drafts. So, let’s begin, shall we?

No 14 – Pink Beige. I have written before about the standard Laneige BB Cushion, in No 14 – Green Beige also. In the meantime I also got a refill of the new shade No 11 – Light Beige. You can jump for joy that I don’t own any Whitening or Anti-Aging Laneige Cushion versions. But if any store desires to send me a fill up for review purposes, I’ll happily acknowledge it, hahahaha!

I know this cushion is not for everybody. There are some less than flattering opinions on it out in the cyberspace. Even for me, it took heat and dampness of Japanese summer time to totally appreciate this cushion’s potential. But first things first. What’s a pillow base? For the benefit of those visitors, who are not used to cushion foundations – it’s a kind of base makeup, where in fact the water is housed in a foundation-saturated sponge, a.k.a.

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The cushion sits in a specially designed small and includes a special applicator. You press on the cushioning with this applicator and then in a stamping motion apply the building blocks to that person. And that is it, in a nutshell. Go through the tab “cushion foundations” to read about other cushions in my ever growing collection.

Laneige is a well known Korean skincare and makeup brand hailing from Amore Pacific. Amore Pacific, despite its ridiculous name, is a number 1 cosmetic company in Korea. Think about it as the L’Oreal of Korea. Like L’Oreal Just, Amore Pacific also holds a varied collection of brands – from inexpensive drugstore ones like Etude House, to top quality fancy schmancy ones like Sulwhasoo. Laneige is in the centre someplace.

Not high-end, rather than bargain bin. Just a solid mid-range brand featuring a full assortment of skincare and makeup. In the event that you live in the US, you can purchase certain Laneige products at Target. If you live in Europe, you can buy them online from Korea. As with almost all other cushions currently on the marketplace (nearly, because there are always exceptions), Laneige BB Cushion Pore Control involves us in a straightforward box.

My versions emerged to me from Korea, so they have Korean writing to them. I am only assuming that Singaporean and American versions have English text on them rather than hangul. In the box (as you can plainly see in another of the photos above), we get a cushion compact with a refill (15 gram) already loaded, a sealed refill packet (15 gram) and a leaflet.

It promises quite a lot. Eventually, through error and trial, I noticed that it worked like magic when matched with Canmake Mermaid Skin Gel UV sunblock/foundation. When applied together with Canmake, the pillow would last and last and last. It is the semi-matte, non-dewy surface finish that is accountable for the illusion of perfect pore coverage.

Yes, it is non-greasy. That is true definitely. It gives a lovely powdery finish that I liked so much which i didn’t bother to set with a powder. There was no need. My face wasn’t bright or dewy. But at the same time, it was still glowing fairly. You can’t tell which kind of Laneige cushion it is from looking on the cover. And there additionally you can easily see the day of manufacture. As you can see, this compact is loaded with a Pore Control No 14 Pink Beige refill. Right side up and opened, there is the eponymous blue and white Rubycell applicator puff.

The puff accumulates just enough of the merchandise and ensures even application. Its special porous materials (Rubycell technology) has antimicrobial properties that inhibit growth of mold and bacteria. So it is supposedly safe to dunk it in the pillow time and again, even after touching your face. Unfortunately, cleaning it an arduous task that I’d rather avoid, so I buy multi pack replacements just. Makes life easier.