Proforma For Newly Appointed Gazetted Officers

The standard and other users should ensure in their own interest they are following a latest orders on each subject matter. Please contact the concerned Section or Official for clearing uncertainties, if any, in this respect. A lot of the documents are in PDF. A PDF Reader is necessary to learn such documents. In case of reading problem download free Adobe Reader from here.. Revised plan for the deduction of Group Insurance Scheme in respect of Non-Gazetted officials.

Download, fill, save and print! Use tab key to go through cells. To become submitted by employees during Time Bound Higher Grade Promotion. Statement displaying deductions due to subscription for the State/ General Provident Fund in the pay costs. Application Form for starting Pensioner’s Treasury Savings Bank Account. Application Form for depositing profit Treasury Fixed Deposit Scheme. Form for miscellaneous payments.

Proforma for newly appointed gazetted officials. Certificate of experiencing joined the compulsory deduction in Form T.R. Some salient features about General Provident Fund (Kerala) Rules and Procedures. Stand showing yearwise Govt and membership. Contribution for the Family Benefit Scheme. Income Tax return preparation utility. That is a java centered utility.

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