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Either they exist or they don’t. If moral basics are real, they receive preconditions for individual living metaphysically, written into our natures directly. No amount of clever discourse can set them at naught. No teleological rationales can get rid of the results from violating them. Those implications shall be as malign as the violations themselves. Perhaps more so. There is no middle ground. Either humans have a right alive – i.e., our lives are safeguarded against unjustified invasion by others – or we don’t morally. In the former case, “Justice” Lieven is complicit in the murder of the helpless infant; in the second option, our lives continue only by the determination of others allowing them.

There are many, these full days, who keep to a collectivist variation on the solipsist thesis. It’s called “social structure of reality.” Essentially, this thesis retains that if an adequate number of persons concur that “X is real,” then X is real – which the inverse is also true.

Belief supersedes and displaces the metaphysically given. Legislation can nullify the right to life. A plebiscite can established pi equal to three. A need is experienced by me to label these people. They’re not quite subjectivists, as they require ratification of their “reality” by a majority of like-minded. Neither are they solipsists, for the same reason. Let’s opt for “soliptitarians.” An unattractive thesis should be served by an unpleasant neologism, don’t you think? It must be a heady feeling to believe that your will, at least when united with an adequate variety of others, can determine the fundamentals of living.

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But no more than fifty years back the soliptitarian would have been locked into a room with soft wall space. We don’t do that anymore. Perhaps it’s because so many of them have positions on university faculties. Soliptitarians would tell you – probably in chorus – that the specialist of “Justice” Lieven’s “Court of Protection” is wielded “for the common good.” Power-worshippers whip out that shibboleth every time they need to disguise an atrocity. Nothing good. Pray for Europe. Prayer will help Perhaps.

The soliptitarian will have none of them of that, of course; Prayer offends against the “fact” he and his fellows have “constructed,” where what is and what’s not is dependent upon their whim. But also for treating their disease of the mind, nothing at all recognized to modern medicine shall suffice. As I’ve written before, I grew up in Cleveland.