AM I GOING TO Repurchase?

Im back again with a long awaited post! The purpose of today’s post is to examine on some new beauty steals that i’ve received while heading on a shopping spree. I noticed these masks by combos skin the other day heading on a huge sale! Of course i couldn’t resist getting myself a couple of boxes. Got my practical the tea tree managing masks & the pomegranate whitening masks! Honestly I’ve used these masks before.

I treasured them and its own not surprising that i decided to re-purchase them this time. Let me talk about my thoughts as well as what I like/dislike concerning this sheet mask. Just a little disclaimer: I would love to be sponsored for these products. Unfortunately I am not sponsored. A formulated Pomegranate whitening nose and mouth mask specially, enriching with extracts of Pomegranate, Carrageenan and Witch Hazel, with Arbutin together, it helps to avoid and fade the dark spots.

Your skin will then be revitalized after only a solitary use. For a better result, putting it on on a regular basis shall help your skin layer whiten and brighten. Combined with the formulation enriching with Tea Tree Leaf Oil, WITCHHAZEL, GREEN TEA EXTRACT and Mugwort Extract, this nose and mouth mask helps soothe and it is oil-controlling.

It has a nice refreshing smell, smell more like scent to me than pomegranate rather. I love the tea tree one better though. For some good reason i love the smell of the tea tree face mask. The smell of green tea extract is prominent and it mixes with the other ingredients nicely. The mask sheet is quite thick.

  • 100% handcrafted; made from
  • Gifts under £30 (28)
  • Internal, rectal, or genital use is not suggested
  • Coral Crush (Peony)
  • You have tingling, weakness, or numbness close to the cut
  • Micropearl technology absorbs surface essential oil, helps reduce sparkle and gives skin a matte finish

It takes some time for my epidermis to soak up all the merchandise and usually even after 30 minutes its still really wet. Would like a thinner sheet. It retains the merchandise well really, though there are a few drips down my neck and it can be quite messy sometimes. The trimming of the optical vision, mouth area and nose hole is accurate quite. Missed myself with any problems utilizing it.

Its an extremely simple and basic packaging. Not fanciful like some other brands out there too. Not the best, but sufficient. Want to buy masks but don’t want to break your budget? This is the perfect sheet cover up for you. 11.90 for a package. Buy one get one free. 11.90 for 2 boxes with a total of 20 parts.

Final verdict: will i repurchase? YES. Love the masks especially the tea tree one! The effects can be felt after first use and some of my acne did subside. During the day as well enjoy it claims to take action reduced the essential oil on my face. As for the pomegranate i did see a little whitening effects from my dark acne scar marks.