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Lufthansa has officially exposed details of the configuration of its Airbus A 380 cabin which is uncovered to be seating 526 passengers in a 3 class construction. 98 business course seats. The lower cabin will only cost of 420 overall economy course seats. 98 business class seats means someone in LH’s business strategy planning is banking on a strong turnaround for the worldwide economy through the next 3 years. Best of luck to them in trying to get a decent weight factor. However there are 2 ways in which one can understand this cabin construction especially of the business class.

I volunteer several hours a week at a non income 501 c 3 clinic. The mileage is minimal but can the full hours I volunteer count number as charity? Tonya – Unfortunately, but there’s no deduction for volunteered services. Volunteers are amazed about this often. Of course, since the volunteer wasn’t paid for the services, they didn’t receive taxable income.

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No taxable income, no tax deduction – a straightforward, clean result. 25. MAY I deduct any “office at home” expenditure? Lorna – The IRS has loosened up the house office business deduction rules starting Jan 1, 2013. Find out about the IRS rule changes. Does your charitable volunteer work also build your reputation and support your business?

Perhaps you might go through the business rules. I don’t see anything in the business office at home guidelines that suggests they would work for volunteer costs. One of the challenges you’ll face are the charitable deduction rules that say the expenses must be (a) incurred only because of the assistance you gave, and (b) not personal, living or family expenses.

So, I’m feeling that successfully taking a charitable home office deduction is a long-shot. It could be worth going after if your charitable volunteer work entails the exclusive use of your house office, or a sizable portion of the utilization. If you choose to go after the charitable home office deduction, be sure to work with an experienced and able tax consultant. Year old dependent child volunteers at a qualified charitable organization My 17.

He drives to and from the charitable organization once a week. Is it legal for me to declare the mileage since I am paying for the gas? Rob – I’ve looked quite a bit and must admit – I’m stumped! Not finding authority on costs related to a dependent child volunteering.

Anyone out there have the answer for Rob? “You can deduct contributions to specific individuals, including the following. Expenses you covered another person who provided services to a qualified business. Example. Your boy does missionary work. You pay his expenses. Your position isn’t commonly talked about, as was pointed out above.

However, there is a lot of conversation on the Web about something similar: In case your dependent child makes a charitable contribution, can you can declare that contribution on your taxes? The universal answer is “no” – you have to individually make the contribution. That conclusion may appear illogical. However the rationale (which might not interest you) is that your son is presumed to be willing to pay the expense of gasoline (as a volunteer), and therefore that your spending money on gasoline was a present to your son.