Evidence That Makeup Is A False Signal Of Sociosexuality

•Makeup makes women appear to have significantly more unrestricted sociosexuality. Women’s self-reported sociosexuality will not relate with their makeup behaviors. People use make-up as a cue for perceiving sociosexuality but it is an invalid cue. As the positive aftereffect of makeup on appeal is well established, there has been less exploration into other possible functions of makeup use. Here we looked into whether one function of makeup is to signal sociosexuality.

Using a big, well-controlled group of photographs, we found that faces with makeup were felt to have more unrestricted sociosexuality than the same faces without make-up. Similarly, women wearing more make-up were perceived to have more unrestricted sociosexuality. The prospective women who had been photographed also completed questionnaires about their makeup behaviors and the Sociosexual Orientation Inventory. Targets’ self-reported sociosexuality was not associated with their makeup habits, with observer ratings of the amount of makeup they wore, or with observer ratings of their sociosexuality when attractiveness was controlled.

Thus, our research shows that individuals use makeup as a cue for perceiving sociosexuality but that it is an invalid cue. We use cookies to help provide and improve our tailor and service content and ads. By continuing you consent to the utilization of cookies.V. ScienceDirect is a signed-up trademark of Elsevier B.V.

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