HOW EXACTLY TO Soothe Dry Eyes And Irritation From Ocular Rosacea

Do your eye sting or feel annoyed? I used to chalk up my eye irritation to dried out air in the wintertime, too much a/c in the automobile through the summer, spring allergy symptoms, bad mascara, or simply being tired. But when I looked more into it, everything pointed to the same thing: Ocular Rosacea.

It’s an associated part of cosmetic Rosacea many people don’t even understand about, or realize they have. The first clue that my eyes discomfort was more than simply seasonal or environmental troubles, came at my last ophthalmology visit for a regular vision exam. Per typical, the assistant got me lean back in the seat as she dropped 2 quick eyesight numbing drops in each eye.

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They stung so terribly I could barely stand it. She was surprised. They weren’t likely to sting like that. She said I must have really dried out eye. I hadn’t really considered it, but maybe that’s why my contacts felt so irritating and stuck to my eyes like an angry suction cup.

It turns out, around 60% of people surveyed with Rosacea, also have Ocular Rosacea. For people like me, who wear contacts, it could be extra irritating because the natural moisture that keeps the contacts “floating” on your eyes is diminished. It really is as unpleasant as it noises, but it doesn’t mean you’ll still can’t wear connections.

I talked about my dry eyes and irritation with my ophthalmologist who told me that connected meibomian glands are most likely to blame. Perhaps you have ever observed little bumps that sometimes form around the bottom of your vision lid? Maybe you’re susceptible to sty’s or eye swelling? Maybe your eyes are a little goopy in the morning?

These meibomian glands are what secretes a fatty material that continues our eyes damp, so when these are plugged, it leads to dry eyes and can result in further irritation. 3. Work with a gentle, warm compress on your eye. This can help to steam/unplug the connected ducts. Fairface Delicate Washcloths are a perfect, soft compress. Just drop in warm to hot water (but not too hot), band it out and place it across your eyes to melt off the oils plugging your ducts. Repeat re-warming the material for up to 10 minutes.