Testing Makeup On Animals

This week I will be addressing the controversial topic of testing makeup on animals. Nobody is perfect for animal assessment, but it still happens. That is extremely wrong and unfair to the poor animals that have to put on the makeup and products that could potentially harm them. It is important for women around the world to have a stand and refuse to purchase makeup that has been tested on an animal.

There are extensive brands which make it popular that they do not test in it, but many that say nothing at all. If they don’t say they don’t test on them, it means that they actually usually. I do a whole lot of research over this subject and the results are crazy. I found out that over 100 million animals are abused in the U.S. Also, many pets such as mice, rats, birds, and reptiles are exempt from protection.

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In order for pet assessment to be ended, people must stop supporting brands that do it. That is hard because many people have a common makeups that they use and love, but it is not worth the pain and suffering that is positioned on animals just for our appearances. It really is awful how most well-known makeup that is to get has been tested on animals. You have to search for non-tested makeup and the majority of the time you have to order it.

Brands like Cover Girl, Revlon, Almay, Clinique, Mary Kay, MAC, Dove, L’Oreal, Neutrogena and many more, all test on pets. With most brands of makeup testing on pets, it is hard to find a solution. In reality people will not stop using the makeup that they love. It really is horrible that animals are examined, but what’s the choice.

If makeup was not tested, then it could harm humans and have serious health risks to millions of people that purchase it. Makeup has to be tested on something but there needs to be a better way than on animals. There are plenty of cites to where you can get involved in stopping animal testing. PETA is a great website to look at if you want.

Stories are about solving problems, not mythical journeys of religious transcendence. In Disney’s Beauty and the Beast Belle is the Main Character and the Beast is the Impact Character. Both don’t fit in with the others of society, but one-Belle-has found a proper way of dealing with it. In the end, she continues to do things the way she always has.

The Beast, however, is the main one who has the major transformational change. This is NOT the physical transformation but rather, the change of personality that he undergoes. He changes and the spell is broken. The Author’s evidence that Belle made the right choice is obvious in the smile on her behalf face as they dance in to the clouds. No dependence on two heroic journeys. No need for mental warping. Ditto happens in Star Trek (though instead of purple clouds we get gleaming lens flares!). Kirk is the Main Character and Spock is the Impact Character.