3 Causes Of HAIR THINNING With IBD – Malnutrition – Digestive Health

There are a great deal of side results that patients deal with when they have a flare-up of their IBD. A very important factor that is often forgotten when discussing the medial side effects or symptoms of Inflammatory Bowel Disease is exactly what it can do to the locks. Unfortunately thinning hair and reduction is an extremely unpleasant side effect for most patients. While hair loss may not be the most significant problem it can still be a damaging one medically. There are several known reasons for the hair thinning experienced in IBD patients.

The first reason for this issue is because of malnutrition. Patients who have lost a substantial amount of weight over a short period of time may be at a higher risk of experiencing hair thinning or thinning of the hair. The mal-absorption of nutrition in IBD patients can also cause problems with hair loss even when the patient maintains a well balanced weight.

Normally this type of hair thinning is only temporary and the locks grows back again as nutritional position returns. Preventing hair thinning due to nutritional problems entails keeping tuned into your system. If you feel a flare coming on or know you aren’t eating you need to contact your doctor. They could want you to utilize a dietitian to monitor your dietary status more closely and tailor an eating plan to your specific needs. This can help capture and treat any dietary deficiencies that might be part of the problem.

Another reason for hair loss is because of the medications used to take care of IBD. Immunosuppressive medications and some anti-inflammatory drugs, like steroids, can cause hair thinning for some patients. When multiple medications are used it can intensify the effect. Generally, the risk of discontinuing the medication is simply not optional – though sometimes a different medication might be substituted.

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Thankfully this kind of hair loss usually prevents when the patient’s flare-up has ended and they’re able to stop the medication. I understand when Personally i think crummy my locks ends up in a ponytail way more than I’d like to admit. In the event that you do the same thing you need to know that keeping your hair up tightly can boost the loss of locks through traction alopecia.

One of the ways to avoid this matter is to keep your hair in a loose braid instead. In case your hair has already been thinning because of this concern sometimes products like women’s or men’s Rogaine can help to trigger the hair follicles to grow locks again. Be sure to let your physician know if you are using any over-the-counter medication or dietary supplement. With a little prevention and a few of these tips you can limit the amount of hair thinning experienced as a side effect of IBD. If you are still having issues after all of the areas have been explored your physican may choose to do additional assessment for things like thyroid disease, which can also cause hair loss.